Outsourced IT Support

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Industry Leading Outsourced IT

Let us take responsibility for your IT needs, including cloud infrastructures, application management and monitoring and customer support.

With over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services space, Calypsi has a proven track record for delivering above and beyond when it counts. We’re large enough to scale but small enough to pivot at speed and agility with your changing needs.

Our flexible procurement model allows you to pick and choose from a range of managed IT services and tailor a solution to suit your specific needs. From basic help desk resolution to expert product application and service support. Or end-to-end service delivery and proactive improvement across all business infrastructure.

Our proactive approach ensures your systems are always up-to-date and available. With immediate access to in-depth technical support and expert technical resources with an industry-leading resolution rate when needed.

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Specialist services include

  • Service Desk
  • Service Management

  • Modern Desktop

  • Server Management

  • Network Management

  • Vendor Management

Why Calypsi

  • Industry-leading resolution rate
  • Responsive desktop and infrastructure support

  • 100% accountability

  • Flexible procurement model

Outsourced IT Support

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